Gearotic Pricing

Our licensing model is simple, once licensed you never pay again. All upgrades are free.  Gearotic is more of an interest group than a normal software company, as with Mach3 the program grows around the community of its users. We welcome you to join and help us to provide to the community an easy access to some of the more complex shapes desired from cad systems without the pain normally involved in learning such systems.

Gearotic may be downloaded here. Auggie is an addon and requires  the main install to operate.

Download Win10 MSI install Auggie 8 axis Controller

Gearotic Motion is priced at $120.00US
       The Paypal Link on this page will direct you to the Purchase page.Once payment is made, a license key is emailed to you within 24 hours. This is a manual process , the license is typically sent within hours, but can on occasion take up to 24 hours. 
        A license for Gearotic Motion permits the installation of the program on all computers you, as an individual own. It is not limited to a single computer. For commerical or academic use we do ask you contact us for a group licensing arrangement if the intent is to use on multiple stations.