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Dev test

Post by ArtF »

Hi All:

Ill be unavailable for a week or two as my mechanics complete my
end of warranty factory reconditioning, Bob will still be here to
answer any queries.
I posted a new video on you tube to show some of the progress
in development. . The video shows
a development test with gravity disabled to observe the free floating
effects the gear constraints put on the gears. In the new program all
motion is physics based and not done by formulas as Gearotic does.
My goal is to allow gears to rotate around gears based on restrictive
forces, like differentials and planetary gears with changing properties
depending on what the sum of forces are on the various gears
connections. Similar to the test release of Auggies 2d simulator,
but in 3d. Its very early on but I'm getting pretty good results
at this stage prior to click and build meshing control.

Anyway, Ill be back in a couple weeks, stay safe, enjoy the fall..

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Re: Dev test

Post by Mooselake »

Good luck on the reconditioning!

You should donate a copy to the ISS for their 3D printer

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