SMF 1.1.x is now defunct

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SMF 1.1.x is now defunct

Post by Mooselake »

2.0 is the latest released version, but 2.1RC2 is out and wanting to be the new kid on the block.  1.1 is supposedly full of security holes (which should at least make it lighter).  "They" claim it's a simple upgrade, but you know how those claims are.  If you go this route I'd do the traditional full backup first, and then maybe a complete topic backup just for grins.  The more backups you have the less likely you'll need them...

Hope this was the right category

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Re: SMF 1.1.x is now defunct

Post by ArtF »

Hi Kirk:

  Its been defunct for a long time, but its run by the system, not by me.
I have no access to its source, its all on a daily backup server, so at least
it can be rebuilt if it gets screwed up..

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