Suggested Future Features for Clock Makers

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Suggested Future Features for Clock Makers

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I’ve begun reviewing my previous projects with clocks using Gearotics and have some suggested future options for Ticker to assist those interested in modeling clocks.

I’m guessing that the Ticker program is programmed in a language like C++ and uses structures in order for Model “Objs Align” button to behave differently when selecting a shaft or a gear.

The ability to move a gear on a shaft works well. Moving a gear-on-gear works for the initial placement of the gear. Once placed it would be convenient to reposition a gear without having to delete/recreate the gear.

In Gearotics you can define libraries of gear pairs. In the case of my chronometer model, I had about 12 gear pairs defined. It would be handy to have the capability to create / save gear definitions.

There is a calculator in Gearotics to force gear calculation based on desired wheel diameter or shaft distances. The shaft distance calculator would be used in creating motion works where the Minute/hour hands are concentric.

Bill Michael
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Re: Suggested Future Features for Clock Makers

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Hi Bill:

All three are on my list. I've made several fixes towards those ends, but Im stuck at the moment on a final force issue that
makes the gears go out of sync depending on mass. I knew of this for awhile but left it until other forces were stable so as to
not interfere with other work...
I have an anchor based clock running, and it follows properly pendulum length so I think Im getting close..

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