Phantom Shaft

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Phantom Shaft

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This one has me puzzled. I was rebuilding the Dennison escapement last night and a shaft that I had installed on an arm became un-selectable and unable to be individually deleted.

I reloaded V1.13B just in case the program had become corrupted.

I'm trying to figure out if the shaft is really there or some graphics artifact. I've enclosed a project file containing the mystery shaft. I'm hoping it can be reproduced on your system to prove that I'm not going crazy.

Project with a phantom shaft
(11.65 KiB) Downloaded 139 times
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Re: Phantom Shaft

Post by ArtF »


Sometimes an object can get "lost" because the picking of them is by the sims ray intersect. Usually, this can be fixed by selecting the
SIM screen and pressing stop. This rests all physicals to normal and the lost item can be selected.

(This may not be that, Ill check and let you know.

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