An attempt at simulating Newton's cradle

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An attempt at simulating Newton's cradle

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The attached is my attempt to simulate the Newton's Cradle toy. Using the Augie vector Processor (AVP). I usually run the simulation with a speed setting of ~40%.

What I expected would be to observe alternating single right - left deflections once I start the model by deflecting the right most ball. If I deflect two or more right balls then the right/left cycles should match the initial number of balls deflected.

Some of my initial settings for the model were based on my experiments with Body energy Coefficient and Bounce % that I published under an earlier post.

After some unsuccessful looking simulations I started to experiment with varying Pivot energy. I'm still not completely happy with the simulation having seen videos of such a toy in action.

Can you explain what Pivot energy is? 

Bill Michael

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Re: An attempt at simulating Newton's cradle

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Hi Bill:

  I believe pivot energy was a resistance to pivot, but Ill have to check the code..been a very long time since
Ive used that vector processor, I was toying with remving it, it wasa fun experiment but Im not so sure its
ever going to go forward in its current form.. I may just leave it there till I get around to a better one though...

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