Simulation A combined gravity escapement and motion works model

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Simulation A combined gravity escapement and motion works model

Post by BillM »


I'm continuing to push the limits of the vector processor's simulation capability.  I'm starting to experiment with combining previously created mechs.

My last posted simulation was of a gravity escapement that I wasn't completely happy with.  I have since redesigned it to correct the flaws in the escapement timing and then tuned the escapement to get a more regular beat.  The attached vcp file is the result of my experiment to combine projects.

I've also changed my procedure to start the escapement portion of the model.  I start the simulation and then gently pull the pendulum left until it nearly touches the fixed arm stop & then release it.

I've combined the improved escapement with my previous motion works model.  I removed the motor from the motion works model and then linked the escapement vanes with the minute hand gear of the motion works.  I scaled the vane motion to the minute hand gear to get slow down the turning of the minute hand.

I've tested the model on a Windows 8 machine & on my dell notebook that runs Win10.

I had the model running for about 1/2hour.  Hopefully it runs well on your machine too.  I run at 100% simulation speed.


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Re: Simulation A combined gravity escapement and motion works model

Post by ArtF »


  Now that runs very well indeed. I think you've earned your experts badge in using the
vector processor. I haven't used it in some time so what you've done here is far in excess
of what even I am capable of in there. That thing seems to run perfectly.


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