Cherry blossoms have started to bloom in Tokyo

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Cherry blossoms have started to bloom in Tokyo

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Cherry blossoms have started to bloom in Tokyo, earlier than other parts of Japan. Feb. 14, 2023
Along with 2020 and 21, it was the fastest in observation history.
It will be in full bloom in about a week.
A story related the blooming of cherry blossoms in Japan
Cherry blossoms form flower buds for the following spring around summer, and enter dormancy.
Flower buds emerge from dormancy when exposed to cold winter temperatures for a period of time. After breaking dormancy, flower buds grow and bloom as the temperature rises.

The laws for predicting the flowering time of cherry blossoms are known.
One of them is to add the daily maximum temperatures from February 1st, and when the cumulative total reaches 600 degrees, the cherry blossoms will bloom. The other is that when the total average temperature after February 1 exceeds 400°C, it will be considered flowering. Both are fairly accurate.

The declaration of flowering is made when the staff confirms VISUALLY that 5 to 6 flowers on the sample tree specified by each meteorological observatory or observatory have opened.
There are 58 sample trees all over the country, and the sample tree in Tokyo is at Yasukuni Shrine.
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