My Up! mini

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My Up! mini

Post by ArtF »

Hi Guys:

  I promised seom users Id show what Ive been doing on my printer
so heres a few pictures. Ive done some statues, both in nylon and ABS,
(Their really characters from WarCraft..( Yeah, Im a geek...big news:) )

  You'll see an eiffel tower that is too full of support to ever remove,
A working bearing , some heads of differign sizes to test scaling, some
decorative items, and a collection of gears. The gears are great, accurate and
seem very strong.

  Post photo's whenver you can, Id love to see them. More on next post..

3dPrint 006.jpg
3dPrint 005.jpg
3dPrint 002.jpg
3dPrint 001.jpg
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