Eyeball on 1" TFT display

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Eyeball on 1" TFT display

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Hi all:

Over XMas I received a 1.2" tft display panel and decided I wanted an impressive animated eyeball for whatever.. clock top maybe.
I did a short video showing what one looks like and said Id post the code for it.


This code assumes an esp32 and will make
a procedural eyeball run at 25 frames per second. For those with interest in such things, the code is included on this post.

Feel free to modify and hack, its fairly readable code and is a large modification of an arduino project of the same type by seed studio
which didn't have the 3d look I wanted. This code also uses both processors cores to enhance the speed as well as proper sin/cos distortions
caused by a virtual lens. (The eye rolls rather than moves), it's a cool effect. This is a visual C project as I use visual studio, but the
code will compile fine under the arduino free compiler.

edit: File updated 2024-01-17, corruption in previous zip.

Happy New Year,
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Re: Eyeball on 1" TFT display

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