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Author Topic: What's the difference between Gearotic Motion and Gearotic Thoughts?  (Read 1878 times)
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« on: March 04, 2014, 08:35:44 AM »

I asked this question of Art but it was imbedded in another thread.  I thought I would share Art's answer under a new topic so it would be more likely to be read by those intereste d.  Here is his response:


   I really should explain that every once in a while anyway as new people join our
    Gearotic Thoughts is the developme nt name of the project to replace GM. Gearotic Motion
    was a project I started for the express purpose of making round and elliptica l gears. Its
    popularit y was higher than I anticipat ed. Problems arose as I added too much causing the
    framework of the program to get unwieldy. Almost all software suffers from this, as they
    expand you hit a point where the architect ure of the framework just cannot handle the new
    things you wish to do, so GT was started to replace GM entirely.
    GT will probably be renamed GearoticM otion2 when its done, and the old GM will go away.
    You get GT automatic ally when you install these days, but the developme nt install always
    gives you the most current version of it. It has grown alot over the last 8 months and is
    now spitting distance of doing away with GM. Its gears are of higher quality, it offers
    more types of pulleys, sprockets, elliptica ls , logarithm ics than GM does. GT is missing
    plateing and cage( epicycloi dal gearing ), but that's about all that's left before I pull
    GM from distribut ion.
    If your a GM user, its advised to use GT for most things you need. It doesn't yet do plateing
    BUT it does put out shaft reports, dxf's of shaft location as well as much higher resolutio n
    drawings of all its various outputs. It also does STLs for 3d printing, proper DXF's and its
    GCode is superior to GM. Its also a graphical GCode output.
    Basically as each GT module is written the rule is that it must do more, and do it better than GM
    did. Each object in GT is a standalon e 3d class with a raft of data in it that allows me in future to
    develop toys far beyond what GM could do. GT will eventuall y off CAD drawing capabilit y for decoratin g
    plates and gears. It has many spoke types GM can not do. Its accuracy in toothing elliptica ls is higher
    and faster.
    GM wont be deleted until GT can do all it can do, but that is getting closer and closer. There
    are now many video's on the use of GT, just search Youtube for Gearotic for a list of them, and we're
    always here to answer questions as , of course, manuals always come last in such developme nt.
    Hope this helps, yell if you need to, myself and Bob are always here to help.
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