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Author Topic: Current update status  (Read 1178 times)
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« on: October 02, 2010, 09:32:09 PM »

Hi Guys:

   Well, been a pretty good startup, few screwups and bad links but we're slowly getting
it sorted out.  I have a new version in the works with snapped rotation angles, plunge feedrates
active in the 2.5D gears, climb mill selection for 2.5D as well as separatio n of coaxial shafting.
Renaming of individua l gears can be done now as well.

   I probably wont get 4th axis climb or unidirect ion ready before I leave on a 1 month break,
but most of the current bugs will hopefully be gone. The program will then "steep" , allowing you
to find and post any bugs that bother you, and make any suggestio ns you have for a press when
I get back to add some more features. I suspect Bevel gears and better spoking is top of the list.
Bob's happy to discuss any troubles you may have, and he'll make a list for me while Im gone.

    Ill likely release version 1.6 on Monday so that we'll have several days for it to test out. Thanks
for all the comments and for joining us as we figure out how to make things easier..


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