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Author Topic: Deadbeat Escapement Problem  (Read 525 times)
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« on: July 13, 2020, 04:22:04 AM »

I'm trying to relate a simulatii on to a real life situation but am having problems.

Whichever parameter I change (drop lock angles etc) the pendulum swing stays at +/- 1.5 deg.

When I simulate the rotationa l angle changes from about -4.4 to about 1.4, again not changing with a change of parameter s. This suggests that the total swing is 5.8 deg or +/- 2.9 deg?

I am trying to simulate a design where the escape wheel is 47.62mm diameter, and the actual pendulum swing is +/- 1.6 deg at most.

I think  must be missing something? Any suggestio ns?


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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2020, 08:11:44 AM »

Hi Pat:

   Its been awhile since Ive dealt with swing mechanics so I took a look at the code
to make sure of how that works.

  The formula for the swing of a pendulum ( theoretic al swing, actual will depend on
the setup of its beat and weight..) is, in a recoil escapemen t...

((PI / Teeth) - (DropAngle + TipAngle)) /2;   

  However, in looking at the code I see the in the walker escapemen t, the formula used for the
pendulum sing in simulatio n is simply

(PI / Teeth) / 2;

     The recoil was developed after the graham as I recall, and Im wondering if whatever horologic al
tables I used simplifie d this equation of the swing. Im thinking the dropand tip angles should
have been included in this escapemen t as well. Normally you have only the tooth count, the lock
and drop to set swing with, so with the walkers simplifie d display of angle its hard to be as exact as you wish.

  I will fix this in future once I convince myself this is an error and not a differenc e between the two.

   hmm, as I investiga te it becomes clear the walker seems wrong. I tested a modificat ion and the angle seems
more correct in this version. I will have to give it some thought before making it an official fix.

 Please send me a note to me at support and I will send you a temporary version
that corrects this display in walker, the drop and tip relief now adjust the calculate d swing


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