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Author Topic: Kinematic Seahawk Pursuit Horizontal Motion  (Read 1263 times)
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Dan Mauch
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« on: December 18, 2017, 01:50:26 PM »

 I added horizonta l motion to this piece to add an additiona l feature. See  . I also added the octogonal base.  One night I was having a hard time falling asleep so i thought about  how I would modify the existing base to make it look more complex that a plain box. My wife was asleep so I asked her if a 7" across the flats was a good size for the octogonal enclosure and she grunted "unnnnn   uaennnn". So I entered that in to my cell phone's Google Translato r and it came back that that sound was a ancient Phoenicia n dialect and was the  word for "good". So the next day I proceeded to design and laser cut the pieces. Cutting the 22.5 degree angle was no problem but getting each side piece exactly the same length was a chore until I figured out a better way of mounting each side in my laser fixture. Similarly, I needed a precise way of aligning each side to the adjacent side and to the base and top. I made a gluing fixture that solved that problem.
  Then I wanted to focus on building the mechanism for the horizonta l  limited motion. I was trying to decide how much motion it should have. That night I again had problems falling asleep so I was visualizi ng about what range of motion would work where I planned to locate this piece. I came up with 30 degrees. So again my wife was asleep so I asked her if she thought 30 degrees would be ok for where I planned to mount this piece. She muttered  "hann umm" . Again Google Translate say that that is hungarian word  for "perfect". So i spent quite a bit of time figuring out various linkage that would limit the motion to 30 degrees. I also wanted to add an unconstan t variable motion so that the motion wasn't so mechanica l. It works pretty well. I will tinker a little bit more the horizonta l motion. 
 While figuring out how to cut the side pieces for the octogon box I  had a brain storm for a future project for my laser cutter. I didn't hurt myself but took two aspirin anyway.
I should have something to show in a few days.
Dan Mauch
Gearotic Motion
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« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2017, 10:03:14 AM »


 Nicely done and thanks for sharing with all of us here at Gearotic. Your Seahawk Pursuit with horizonta l motion looks very cool to me and appears to work well too, so my congratz to you.


Gearotic Motion
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