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Author Topic: [Sharing] rotation function for an elliptical gear  (Read 1182 times)
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« on: September 08, 2014, 01:12:47 PM »


just wanted to share an informati on I got from Art on a question I sent via mail. I needed the rotation-angle for the slave-wheel of an eliptical gear-couple:

To figure out the rotation of an elliptica ls mate, I use an integrati on formula, which can be hard to use in
a spreadshe et..

dist = major axis radius.
double inc = .0005;
double total = 0;

for( double a = 0; a <= ang; a+= inc )
 double r1 =  "Elliptica l radius at "inc" angle" ( From formula I sent earlier).
 total += (r1 / ( dist - r1))*inc;
Gear#2 angle =  total + PI - ( PI/  m_Order);

BUT... you may find this following method far easier... The following formula
will work for an elliptica l order 1 meshed to another order 1

Ang2 = the rotation angle of Gear#2
Ang1 = the master gears rotation angle.

Plug your values in this and youll get a very quick and accurate result.

Ang2 = atan(( 1 + e) / ( 1 - e) * tan(Ang1/ 2))*2;

This helped me to create my own gear-simulation inside blender with the help of drivers.

May this informati on be helpfull for others...


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