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1  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: March 16, 2020, 10:28:35 AM
Excellent work BobbyW - you have mastered the laser beast  Wink


Thanks Tweakie . To be honest you get a lot of credit for that , you say to me first about Pokeys , Auggie , Art and rest of
nice peoples here . I want to thanks everyone who give me an advice and correct me when i do mistakes.
Thanks to everyone . Anyway now become more seriously , i got more and more attracted by laser.
I want to build my own RF tube right now. I collect some informati on about those RF lasers and ... why not
what i can lose , some money , nahh knowledge arrive from try and mistakes .
I will start next month , now i'm block in France because of that " stupid and imaginary corrona virus"
i don't believe that anyway .
I will post the news here
2  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: March 16, 2020, 09:39:18 AM
Hi everyone
After a lot of fails , i manage to get what is wrong on my laser power. Take it away the source problems
i notice , my laser is to powerful on minim power . How i figure out ? I explain.
I made a black square at 100x100mm and i start to engrave . During engrave i try to adjust manual the power ,
and i notice , i can get only 10% grey and after fine adjust jump instead to 100% (black) ;
So i start to find a solution , and better was to calsulate the speed travel , frequency of PWM and duration pulse
on that speed. Finaly i was impress myself , the good result start to arrive .
I put some photos below. I can engrave like that almost like multipass engrave at 1mm deep with very good result when
you don't look face to face to the picture.

3  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: February 29, 2020, 05:12:56 PM
Hello everyone .
I notice something . As example you cut something and you get an error (my case after i grounded everythin g i get random error only on RJ45 cable) , the program will stop and Estop disengage d > still after you try to run , you need to activate M3 .
In that case you need to remember and go on that line or some below. It is possible to create a button to run M3 on one click ?
To don't change to MDI to run M3
Probably is ...
The second question , i've seen , Pokeys support some temperatu re sensors . Is possible to create a small display (with scripts) to
see the temperatu re of cooling liquid ? 
Also about that subject , i read some controver sed opinion " what is better for cooling " , Most of the peoples say water is better ,
my opinion , so many engineer's study what is best for cooling and i think , only a professio nal guy will know the answer .
In any case , " as some peoples says based on home researche s with limited knowledge  " water is better , i don't think that's right .
I put below what i use , " sry is in french but here everythin g is like that , even imported product's they change the label  Undecided "
The main reason i chose special product for cooling is " no oxidation and no froze "
4  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: Getting back into CNC on: February 27, 2020, 04:15:10 PM

   You need to install Auggie only over a demo install of Gearotic. This makes sure all the files
are available .


I has the same problem on second PC. Both running win7 . On first one work like a charm 32bit , on second one 64bit i has the same problem , reinstall Gearotic didn't solve > I solve downloadi ng random DLL fom net > Copy ANN.dll from working 32bit PC didn't work also. This one i download >
5  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: February 20, 2020, 04:24:03 PM
Hi Bobby:

Hope this helps,

Hi Art , hello anyone
Of course helps , any advice is good in any way >
But now , realy , realy confuse me , i don't say is not good , i say just confuse me . So i explain .
The picture below was taken from other picture on paper , very old with very bad resolutio n . Because that count of course .
Soon , i modify my source with that DAC converter , everythin g is just fine , i can control the treshold between two levels
on any power level i want .
So , before to buy that chip , i try all setting blindly (no oscilosco pe here) and i notice , i can have full gray scale at 360Hz PWM sett
0.0027 in plan config . So , now i say to give a try , just for fun , and i saw a good result on paper , almost full scale .
Second thing , all photos now , i just apply a mask layer between 0-100 , grayscale , anyway i dont think pokeys will recognise 254 .
Now, the interesti ng thing was, i set to 360Hz, the last set remain in my memory and i start . I notice was good on that very very bad rez photo.
After , i set the power and speed to cut the photo , and in mistake i forgot to change the PWM to high at 5Khz .
Amazing , with 360 pulses , the cut was the same , BUT... the important thing , i dont see the burning sign where i cut . Is just WHITE.
I just can not explain that . I ususly set the power when i cut with 5KHz at limit to pass though playwood , just to avoid unnecesar y power
and burning . But always the edges was black , normaly . And after with much less power , obviously we cant compare 5000 with 560 , i got very clean cut
the same and this time just no any sign of burn . I just was close to look behind because even smoke almost missing there and , on my mA-meter
the current did't pass 4 mA.
I think is something about the energy inside the tube , is released more agressive , in pulses and in good timing , is like is the time to wait the energy to gain
again inside. For that reason i will start a little study about laser . Because just i dont get it , but is very good
The smoke just missing . Not totaly but not like usualy , even on paper is noticeabl e on cutting

6  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: February 17, 2020, 03:59:20 PM
Hello everyone
I have some " stupid " questions Undecided
Of course are releated at AUGS module used for generated the code for engrave .
First of all english is not my native , i have double nationali ty of my parents , english is fourth language necesary to get it work,
so  i apologise for my gramma .
I figure out how to properly set my speed / power / for engrave , i modify totaly my source and all good, but.
I did't get some "basic" knowledge about AUGS module .

1: I calculate d by size , on my photo , the pixel resolutio n , according with optimal shooting time ,speed and beam size
and on some picture after i generate the code auggie say me error and wont display after i load the code .
Exist some size limit , or just extension fault ? Many time i change from png to jpg and work , keeping resolutio n , but not all time
That confuse me a little

2: I think " StepOver " is represent the beam size , and is how much one axe will step to scale the image
That's correct ?

3: I don't get it what "ramp " does , i try different from 1 to 500 and , but i think is strict about image size , or not ?
I try to zoom after auggie generate , and i don't see to much differenc e , actualy i don't see at all on any value .

4: It is the picture showed in auggie panel after load the code , the real one loaded  from code ? Because i try different resolutio ns
and after zoom in i didn't seen any effect , is like the imagine remain at very poor resolutio n .

Thanks , I will put pictures soon i will get better .
And how Art advice me , i learn some standard GCODE command , and , yea , is more easy , after some time , is like you brain do it without think about
you just know what will happen .
Thanks for now
7  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: M3 blocks changing PoKeys PWM on: February 17, 2020, 08:09:08 AM

I don't know that much about laser power supplies, but I was of the impressio n that the potentiom eter just gave a DC input between 0 and 5V to set a current limit for the tube. That input react very slowly and I read that it is recommend ed to use a 20kHz for that DAC.
If I measure the input voltage, it must be below 3.5 to limit current to max 17mA and give the tube long life.

Need to read some more on laser power supplies and how they work...
Hello .
I has a lot of problem with my power source . My input impedance was very low almost 1kR and the creator decide to let some residual input voltage as 1.2V , and that made my work very difficult .
I solved finaly , i eliminate almost entire chinese cheap control and now is how should be .In that time i made a lot of researche s about , and finaly i open and modify myself .
What i found close with what i saw inside of my source was this schematic found on some russian forum .
If help someone ...назначение-подстрочников-на-блоке-питания-dy10-к-т/
8  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: Auggie bug under AUGS generator on: February 09, 2020, 04:04:43 PM
Hi Bobby:

  Smiley , you get used to 43" in 4k and you never go back. The monitor is only 1.5' in front
of me as well. But can I ever fit a lot of icons on the desktop.. .

Yes i know how it is . Soon you get bigger TV you never go back , i know that , no any screen is big enough
Still my laptop is a portable workstati on (used for my job) even have very high resolutio n , the screen is small
for that , like all portable are >
9  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: Auggie bug under AUGS generator on: February 09, 2020, 02:49:22 PM

I will also see if I can make the dialog a bit larger, unfortuna tley its a dialog
and its not re-sizeable without a lot of recoding, but Ill see what I can do.
  I use a 43" monitor at 4K so it makes my screen sizing a bit suspect at times...

Hello Art
The reason i ask that is because i planning to buy a tablet or other mini
touch screen system , and try to install Auggie on it >
I dont know if or that will work , but i will try anyway.
I dont think exist a Auggie version also under linux ,
like that can be easy integrate d under raspberry PI or other mini platform>
10  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Auggie bug under AUGS generator on: February 03, 2020, 03:01:00 PM
I will post here what i do. Excluding my mistakes , auggie work just perfect .
So yesterday i try to engrave , simply job , and my system have inverted axis , so any image should be
mirrored . In a second i forgot that , i generate the code under AUGS and i start the job.
After some seconds i realize , my image is not mirrored , and i stop auggie (stop button)
Next i load the same picture and i try to put the dimension on X and automatic aly that will resize the Y.
I delete the original size in X field and before to push the number i want , i realize i load the wrong picture ,
so i close the window from (X) red button. And next i got that message " enter a number "
Of course , is not a big deal , but to get away with that , only to kill the auggie process working ,
and of course all axes memorized data will be lost >
That's it , i spend some time to realize how i got that bug (i was very tired )
//~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ question about AUGS ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I open the Gearotic software for curiosity , and i saw there on image processin g , is the same AUGS used in Auggie to generate the code but not on same size and more options than in auggie (probably the rest of functions are not useful).
It is possible to have the option to can made that to run also on full screen ? That should very useful , on small screen you can not realy see what truly happen with photo after processin g , you get only the idea.
11  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to 11.362% .... probably on: February 03, 2020, 07:57:44 AM

 Post it under Auggie Bugs and Ill see if it can be fixed up. It is possible in Auggie to script yourself to
a death, it can be hard to stop some script situation s where a script calls itself for example.. .


You talk about recursion script without exit condition ?
No , i didn't touch auggie scripts , yet , i need more to learn .
I will post the bug soon i will get home , i made some screensho t's about.
12  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to .... i dont know on: February 03, 2020, 04:28:02 AM

  Its probably just a system bug displayin g it twice.


Hi Art
Yea , probably . Yesterday i found a annoing bug , than force you to close auggie only with
CTRL+shift+ESC and kill the process , otherwise you can't get away of that.
Also i try to reproduce the bug , and finaly i found how that was created ( focused on my work i forgot what i do to
get that bug, i spend half of hour to find the way to recreate the bug )
I don't know , to post here , or create a new topic with "Auggie bugs" ?
13  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: Using VEXX to create 3D illusion wireframe on: February 02, 2020, 04:53:07 PM
I still struggle alot myself..Smiley

Hi Art
You struggle ? With you skills ? Ohh what to say of myself , starting now from 0 . I never touch such a program for 3D or other stuff.
I use CAD but not aggressiv e , was necesary for some mechanica l parts . I remember when after some years i change the compiller ,
i was totaly lost. Still programmi ng isn't my specialit y , i learn it more deep just for my fun , same as my laser now, i don't use it as a
bussines , just for my hobby and knowledge . That why i ask you about wireframe , because is easy if you have a job based on that to
go and download milions of DXF files already maded , but for me is not fun on that , i will love to create myself.
Unfortuna tely i'm not that skilled to be able to create my own program for that   Huh
If you have any ideea about wireframe , let me know, i will be the first one trying that  Wink
14  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Using VEXX to create 3D illusion wireframe on: February 02, 2020, 10:59:42 AM
I watch some of you videos , and i found this one who made me to think how powerful
vexx can be .
You will be amazed how many peoples search for such a solution to create a wireframe
from a picture . Right now what i found it is possible to create in " blender " or other not free software .
Is is a complicat ed work in blender , not easy task for a beginner like me in such a world of engraving and machining
Also everyone pushing for " core draw " , personal'y i don't like it , i prefer CAD instead or other .
Also even in blender is not a easy task , mostly from some objects imported as "stl" file
That can be possible in vexx ?
15  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: My laser engraver from 0 knowledge to .... i dont know on: February 02, 2020, 10:42:16 AM
Hi Art
Yes. That i try a button to trigger the secon relay , as laser power button do
 , but i saw the library was already created , so i try to use it ,
but unfortuna tely without success .
Is not realy a big deal , but even is a fridge motor turned as compresso r , he made some noise ,
and in time of "study " to turn off without move from my PC .Also i figure out , the air pressure
change total'y the final result , depend of material . I mount a regulator from " argon tig welder "
I'm not on my native home right now to made some real test's but i assume , if i use " argon " instead of air ,
cutting on wood will be better . I think ,
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