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1  General Category / Bevel Machining Discussions / Re: Newbie question on shaft angle variations on: May 25, 2020, 03:24:12 AM
Oh - I think I just worked it out - I did not know you could over-type the shaft angle.

That seems to work. 


2  General Category / Bevel Machining Discussions / Re: Newbie question on shaft angle variations on: May 25, 2020, 03:11:59 AM
Hi again,

Is there any tutorial or other informati on on how to set up a pair of bevel gears where the shafts are NOT at 90 degrees?  I want a 13T and 30T gear set, with a shaft angle of 26.5 degrees (see attachmen t).

Also, when doing 90 degree bevels, the program still seems to default to just a tick under 90 degrees in the detail data which really confuses me.  I've drawn a couple of different gears lately, and also checked with Machinery's handbook as I wanted to draw the blanks and send them away for gear cutting.  I have two bevels left to go, that as noted above, are not at 90 degrees.

With thanks and regards,

Doug Meller
3  General Category / Bevel Machining Discussions / Newbie question on shaft angle variations on: February 22, 2020, 05:17:19 AM
Hi, My name is Doug, and I am building a 3" scale Traction engine and need to make various gears (some of which are bevels not at 90 degrees).

I have been experimen ting with the different ial bevels as these should* be fairly straight forward I thought.  When I enter the data on the input page, I can select 36 T crown wheel, 12 T pinion, 6DP, 0.75" face width. but strangely the shaft angle even though I edit the setting to make them add up to 90 degrees, comes back with just under 90 degrees.  When I export the project, and view the project details, the angle is even less than 90 degrees - I am confused as to why this might be.

I know what the gears "should" be for the different ial as I made a set for a previous model using a published design, and thought I would check them with Gearotic, but I get slightly different numbers, and am not sure it his is because the dimension s are only shown to 2 decimal places, or if it is even possible to change the precision to include more decimal places.

Thanks in anticipat ion, and apologies if this is a very basic question. ..


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