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1  General Category / Auggie: Augmented Machine Controller / Re: Auggie Early posts on: December 07, 2015, 09:29:58 AM
Hi everyone,

Please help me clear up a confusion . Is Auggie part of the latest release of gearotic 2 (the 2.30050 I downloade d the other day) only I cannot seem to find it in there. If so how do I enable it? I have just completed my version of an open builds OX machine running off a pokeys57c nc card and would love to give it a try from gearotic. I have a few of my own programs I designed for Ornamenta l turning that I would like to have a go at convertin g.

2  General Category / Arduino Laser Control / Re: Lasers - general chat. on: August 22, 2015, 04:58:47 PM
Hello everyone,

I am keen to fit a laser cutter head to my newly built ox (gantry based) xy router (700 x 500 mm size). However I cannot fix a large tube on my cutter head or on the so I wonder if can I fix it stationar y somewhere else and use optic fibre to connect to my machine head? Has anyone done this? Would there be enough flex in the fibre?

If using fibre is not possible then my only option I think is to use a blue led.

3  General Category / Suggestions for Future / Constrain Gear shaft centres on a path on: August 20, 2015, 12:03:01 PM
I would like to be able to lay out a train of gears so that they mesh and that their shaft centres lie on a general open or closed path on a plane in 2D space (by default the Z=0 plane). I can do it manually but it would be nice to have a Gearotic option to automatic ally constrain the shaft positions in the project and highlight any that cannot be so aligned.

The intention to allow the creation of an artistic gear layout for kinetic sculpture s etc. If possible users would import a path as a list of points 2D points plus a  plane identifie r or 3D points or alternati vely 2 or 3D  vectors or maybe as a dxf or even as an equation. I assume at least one shaft should be specified manually and after that the program tries to assign positions to all the other shafts.

4  General Category / Gear Discussions / Re: Decorating internal gears and scripting on: August 17, 2015, 02:59:45 PM
Thanks again,

I do not yet have a 4th axis for my OX cnc still have to make one so 4th axis there is not possible yet. However I can cut 4th axis using my cnc based rose engine as I have 6 axis movements on that. I was thinking of using the OX for all the gears but will give the rose engine a go also.

Cutting in either mode is there a way to find the root width between teeth so that I could choose a mill diameter to fit or grind a flycutter to fit ?

By the way I came across a small problem generatin g two noncircul ar gears see attached images. Are you aware of this ?

5  General Category / Gear Discussions / Re: Decorating internal gears and scripting on: August 17, 2015, 11:51:49 AM
Thanks  Mooselake and ArtF for the replies. I have been watching with great interest the videos about auggie and I guess that I had that in mind when asking the question. I am looking forward to its release I did not realise it was so imminent.

Regarding the candle holder  Smiley it was a disappoin tment that the bowl was so small. I had in mind that the final finished item would have a much larger bowl. I have a chunk of sycamore that would give me bowl 460mm in outer diameter which was the size I envisione d for the final project. I also want to make the gears much smaller than the wooden ones I cut (with a small fly cutter) to fit many more in. That chunk of wood has been sitting around now for a couple of years so time I progresse d it into a finished project.

Regarding that if I could ask a couple more questions . Any feelings as to the smallest gear size I could cut say using a 1 or 2 mm end mill ?  I have some 0.5 mm milling cutters but haven't yet managed to cut something without breaking one (cannot get the speed high enough and feed rate low enough I guess).

I am assuming that i would need to cut these smaller gears from thin brass sheet or plastic rather than plywood. I am also mightily tempted to use non-circular gears so again same question what is the smallest that could be machined ? Would smallest gear diameters of say 10 mm be achievabl e? 

6  General Category / Gear Discussions / Decorating internal gears and scripting on: August 16, 2015, 12:57:33 PM
Hi everyone,

Having used Gearotic for the first time I am quite new to this so bear with me please, although I am not a newcomer to cnc and have written my own gcode programs in the past.

I have started to use gearotic 2 because I have in mind several projects (I too am getting more intereste d in kinematic sculpture s ) including one that requires several gears specifica lly, an internal gear to be hidden within a bowl and used to drive other visible gears. I created version 1 of this a couple of years ago (see ) made out of hardwood. This seized solid after a couple of months when the wood moved. Now that I have built myself a OX based cnc machine I thought that I would start by revisitin g this project and make the internal parts out of plywood as this would be more stable option. However I want to attach a hardwood rim to the internal gear as the visible part you moved. Hence the need to decorate the rim of the internal gear with 6 or possibly 12,  5mm diameter holes for glued pins that would attach the gear to the rim.

I  generated the dxf using gearotic and then imported this into cut2d to add the holes.  However it occurred to me that it should be possible to apply decoratio ns such as this from within gearotic 2 (maybe you can ? ) especiall y if I wanted to use the gcode generated within the program itself.  I know that this opens a whole can of worms as the number of possible decoratio ns is infinite. So really my question is about the possibili ty of plugging in a script to perform the operation s required for the decoratio n and not just in this specific case but others as well. Is gearotic 2 so structure d that it could be opened in this way?  The script could be a gcode sub or python code or whatever. A gcode sub with a standard name would be simplest I think and then called at the point the decoratio n needed to be applied.

As a general point I notice that the program is evolving to cover different areas using plug in modules. I think that if these modules were themselve s scripts referenci ng a core internal model. Then this would open up the program and allow anyone to add functiona lity in an area they are intereste d in (with all the difficult ies inherent in this approach).

Has this use of scripting been considere d is it unworkabl e or just impractic al?  Just a couple of opinions based on my ignorance and total lack of knowledge about gearotic  and is really an enquiry into what the future may hold.

Anyway thanks for a great program for generatin g gears I am sure I will be using it a lot.

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