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Title: Version 3.06 update
Post by: ArtF on May 14, 2019, 09:27:15 AM
Hi All:

  Version 3.06 was updated with a small set of changes. First, you can now link
2 gears together , one on top of the other, by relinking them. If two involutes
are closer in center than the pitch radius of the second gear, they will spin in the
same direction and speed as if welded. This was done for a user that wanted
to simulate double gears much like in clock gear trains.

  For those that didn't read the post on that topic, I will restate re linking here
with a 2 gear example. If you place a master gear, a shaft will appear as well.
That gear, if clicked on will show a linkage to the shaft. Placing a pinion on
the same shaft then shows a linkage from shaft to pinion.  removing that link
from the shaft leaves the pinion undriven. You can now click on the master
gear and select add linkage. As the pinion is no longer driven, it will show
up in the list. Adding it makes the gear drive the pinion, and if they are closer
than the pinions pitch radius, they will move in the same direction as if welded.
  This means the shaft is no longer involved in the match, other than being
driven by the master. If that link is removed, the two gears are now
simply rotating on a bearing on the shaft. The shaft may then be used for
other linkages. Unfortuna tely, you may still only have one driven gear.

  Second, for those that had requested it, the orientati on of any gear may be
reversed to make it spin backwards even if it violates the simulatio ns logic.

Hope your spring is warming..


Title: Re: Version 3.06 update
Post by: Dave Sage on June 06, 2019, 05:40:15 PM
I think I mentioned this before. I'm confused by the download of the latest Gearotic in the download section of the Gearotic website. The file name when downloade d is Gearotics etup2. Yet you say you have released Version 3. I would have thought it would change to Gearotics etup3. I only check in once in a while to stay up to date but I see the same file name so I'm assuming nothing has changed. What' up with that.

Title: Re: Version 3.06 update
Post by: ArtF on June 06, 2019, 07:59:54 PM
Hi Dave:

   There are two server names for the download, setup2.ex e is the stable release version,while setup.exe is the developme nt version. The only way to know the
install version is to run them, they tell you in the install what version is
installin g. This is really from a time when there was a non-stable version,
these days it is typically stable in Gearotic as its code is pretty much locked down
except for minor changes. Vexx and Auggie are where most changes occur,
so unless you play with either most updates dont apply.

  Usually, if your curious , just note the last version I reference in the
New Release topic, if your not at that version, then the developme nt
version will have the latest. At the moment, both dev and release
versions are identical up to today's release.